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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mi Casa est Su Casa

Have you ever met a bat with expensive taste? Apparently the bats in my town are "moving up" from the small bat houses and into my home. Two nights ago Y (our sitter and friend) was at our house and noticed a bat- she openned the front door and he flew out. Last night Denis saw another bat-but we couldn't locate him/her.

This afternoon I found one sleeping in the king size bed on the down comforter-laugh.

It was amazing- to be that close to a bat. His/her chest slowly going up and down as the animal breathed- asleep with the sunshine from the skylight upon it. It was a bit disturbed by the flash from the camera but otherwise was resting peacefully.

Denis picked him in gloves- (thank goodness he was working from home). We discussed for a while what we should do with this little fella. Should we wait until night time to move him outside, should we try to pick him up- should we just leave him, close the door and open the windows?? So many options- what should we do. If Denis wasn't home- I was going to leave him to continue resting in our bed-afraid I'd break his/her little bones trying to move it. They are so small.
Bonus- there won't be any mosquitos living in our home -laugh.
The bigger question remains a mystery- where are they coming and is it a large family or a small family that has moved in with us???? How strange...


kristine said...

That is so strange? What a sweet photo!

I love bats. I don't know why but I really do. That said I do not know what I would have done if I found one in one of our beds.

Evelyn said...

OK, you and Kristine are giving me the shivers! I do not like bats! Shhhhiiiverrrr!

Anonymous said...
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