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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Living with Hunger, Ethiopia

I borrowed a movie from a friend also adopting from Ethiopia called "Living with Hunger" - a documentary by Insight news TV. I'm really surprised it is not more widely circulated and that it took this long to learn about it.

Sorious Samura goes to a village in Ethiopia and lives with the community as a member of the community for 30 days. His film crew drops him off with just a few pieces of clothing but with no money and no "food". His goal is to integrate with the village residents and live as they do- with them. He works in the fields, and lives as a male member of the community would.

Here's a brief summary from their website: "In an unprecedented mission, Sorious Samura set out to understand the real stories of people living on the edge of starvation. He moved into a remote village in Ethiopia far away from the range of the UN and most NGO's. Between August and September Sorious lived in a hut and survived on the same meagre diet as the rest of the villagers."

It also gives you a glimpse of the beautiful Ethiopian country side and the wonderful nature of the Ethiopian people.
I'd recommend checking out the movie in it's entirety but - here are some places that you can see the basics:

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