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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ethiopian Airlines

Hi Everyone. I am on an Ethiopian Airlines flight at the moment. We are Re-Fueling in Rome and then we will continue on our way to Addis. This trip has been amazing so far.

I've met a gentleman from Somalia that was relocated to the US through the Refugee program. This is his first trip outside of the US in 3 years and he is very grateful to be living in the US and to have been given new opportunities in life. We ate dinner together and to be able to hear some of his story was refreshing. It was a great experience (and much needed after having it) to talk with somebody that is pleased with the United States these days. I really felt a ray of pleasure and pride in my country of origin after an hour with him.

Then on the flight I've had the pleasure of sitting with a native of the Congo and a scholar of African Politics. The conversations they have had (and I have listened to) have been facinating. Personally it feels like the most relavant BBC conversation I have ever heard- only they kept answering my questions-when I'd say- what is this rulers name? Do they have term limits. It's been just awesome.
Funny Enough when I got on the flight the Somalian gentleman was sitting to my right (I'm in the center).

I am one of just a few foreigners on this flight. It seems because it is a more affordable airline that many many African natives are with me-many of whom are Ethiopian.

There is one adoptive family that I've met from Colorado on the flight. A lovely family with 2 children with them. They are picking up siblings age 3 and 5. They have waited just over a year and are very very excited. The kids are getting tired and feel that sitting around has been quite challenging but they are doing very well. We talked mostly about luggage and how overwhelming the packing experience was-laugh. After trying to pack for this trip (which I will talk about some time if I have a chance) I can't imagine what it will be like to pack to pick up the children.

I can only say that it's the most friendly flight I have ever been on. The people have all been fabulous and I'm very very happy to be on this journey. Saying goodbye to Denis was really hard - Geneva even more difficult but I'm already very much aware that these 3 months are going to be richer than I can imagine at this point.

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