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Sunday, January 31, 2010

It all happened so FAST

8 months ago I became a new mom of 2 new little ones... Sometimes-It seems like the other day-we accepted the "referral" of a 14 month old "baby".

While I am still learning to answer to "mama" and "come" and "respond to help"

She is now- 5 inches taller, walking, talking (bossing), wearing big girl panties, using the toilet and wow -this past week she's been preferring to sleep.... in a "big girl bed".  It's amazing- every step of the way- we've rejoiced her accomplishments and yet.... where did the little girl that could fit in my arms and was sucking on that bottle go??

Tonight- we celebrate the move- from Crib to toddler bed.... and in between my tears I am thinking "you go girl"... Be all that you can! We love you.


Evelyn said...

Oh, my! In 8 months? I hear you - you go girl and where did my little one go? This will be hard for me, too, I predict!

Maybe it means you need another one :)

kristine said...

that was such a difficult time for me! i hope she sleeps well in her new big girl bed!

and it's lucky that they begin to do all those wonderful new things that we can rejoice in their accomplishments!

you go big girl!

Kym said...

You go, Girl! They grow up way too fast! :-)

Meme Stevens- Beautiful Song- get Kleenex

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