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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Adoption, hospital, RSV and our puzzle master

Habtamu gets sick:
Habtamu survived his first sick visits at the hospital this week.  Wednesday night he was coughing a lot.  Then the next morning - he seemed to be improving-but by 11am he had labored breathing and a fever of 103.7.  The labored breathing scared me as he was also pale- I never knew he could be so "pale". His beautiful complexion was blotched with a white "hugh" that made me very nervous. 

I called the doctor for our first "sick" appointment that felt really serious.  At 2:00 we went into the doctors office and they started talking about admitting him tomorrow if this was not the peak of his illness and that we needed to return in 24 hours- in the meantime give him alternating doses of Motrin and Tylenol.  

Would you believe 24 hours later- this kid was wanting to jump around-and outside of a cough- you would have had no idea that he was so close to being admitted due to an inability to get enough Oxygen.  It's amazing!!!   

Sickness and Adoption:
They had to take a chest x-ray of H and I was excited to hear that they were taking an x-ray because it was yet another part of his past that if there were any "problems" the doctor would also find those. It's a weird excitement to know that you don't know your child's past and little things like an x-ray will lead further down that road of understanding.  The doctor walks in the room after reading the x-ray and says to me "how long has he been in the country" for no reason at all my heart starts pounding at this innocent question. OMG-Does she think I beat him- why would she ask that- what did the X-rays show- laugh- what are we about to discover from his past- suddenly- I dont want to know!!!   I carefully say 8 months- she says- hmmm, It looks like he has RSV - and it's not common to see this at his age here and he hasn't had a lot of respiratory difficulties in those 8 months so far-interesting. I breathed out a sigh of relief. Having no idea what RSV was- it was a better answer than well- he show signs of broken ribs in the past or anything.  It was ridiculous really- here I am in the room with my boy who is having trouble breathing and I am worried/excited about what they found on his x-rays.  I take a deep breath and say to myself.. uahhhhhhh Adoption. 

Our Puzzle master:
While Habtamu is home all day (he's contagious) along with Debritu-I've discovered a way to get some time to shower and or check my email-maybe next week I'll test my idea to see if this works for the long run by trying to make a phone call-laugh. 

When Debritu takes a nap I get out a 100 piece puzzle and give it to Habtamu to complete.. This gives me an hour to an hour and half of piece and quiet.. WOOO HOOO... The kid loves loves loves puzzles. 

We have a 300 piece puzzle he still hasn't completed it on his own-but I don't think it will be long before he's ready to do it.  Imagine- what I can do with all that "free" time when he's doing 300 piece puzzles. Bring it on Baby!

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