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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

preschool -a leprechaun -and a pot of gold

I was at H's preschool today and he was out of the room preparing for his spring concert, so, I went into his classroom.  While I was waiting, I played with some of the younger children in his class. Here is what I learned today:

A leprechaun visited the school today, but apparently leprechaun's don't like people, so, he was hiding from them.   They looked everywhere to find this visitor and decided that he must have been in one of the bathrooms.

I asked if he left a pot of gold (trying to keep a straight face) and one of the boys said-with a serious reply- no, not yet- but we'll check again later.


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Kym said...

Too cute. It wasn't until last year that I truly understood a leprechaun. It all goes back to what you learned in preschool. LOL

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