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Thursday, March 4, 2010

tying a knot at the end of my rope and hanging on

Our kids have been home from everything they attend "mostly" for close to 6 weeks now-with the occasional break.  

They have been sick-either with colds, staff resistant infections or some other nutty health related reason and I am going completely insane. Warm weather pllllllleeeeaaaassseee come soon!!! 

Thank goodness I got to go to Chicago last weekend- as I came home to one of Habtamu's molluscum contagiosm "wart things" on his face completely inflamed to the size of a golf ball. NO Joke.  These things have been the most challenging part in terms of health in our adoption adjustment.  Can I just say how much I hate them!!! Debritu's finally went away in August and Habtamu's are still hanging around. Sure wish they were not on his face!  He's been home all week as we've been going to the doctors every other day- in hopes that the swelling in the tissue will reduce and they can operate on it to relieve the liquid pressure under the skin.  Not that I'm thrilled to have his face operated on by any means.  

He seems to be regressing and having a bit of trauma around the pain associated with this experience.  He's displaying an array of behaviors we have not witnessed since he first arrived- bursts of undefinable crying fits, emotional instability, clingy and then removed.. he's even playing games using Amharic that we haven't seen in months..  This week has been the hardest for him and for us (hardest in a long long time that is).  

Debritu is doing really well at the moment- her colds are currently gone (thank goodness they are taking turns on their illnesses) she is just fully blossomed (I hope) in her terrible two's and is challenging everything we try to do with her.  She's a very strong willed girly girl being raised by a bit of a tom boy-laugh.  Never did I see the day where I'd enjoy a tea party, painting nails, braiding hair, and trying on different shoes.. but she loves it all.. if it's girly- it oooozzzesss out of her-laugh.  Truly enjoyable outside of her temper tantrums... she's just as moody as Habtamu these days-laugh.

sorry- I haven't posted in a while- I'm busy tying a knot at the end of my rope and hanging on.. wish me luck!


Fendesha said...

does anyone think this stuff will work on them- since it's a virus I really question it-but apparently they are going to start selling it soon at Walgreens. Thoughts???

Evelyn said...

I do wish you luck! Sounds really hard, Kim, and I hope the warm weather arrives soon and that all the inflammations, germs, etc. get away from your house!

Do hang on and keep tying knots to get you closer to the beginning of your rope!

kristine said...

wow. winter.
hang on.
spring is around the corner.
more vitamin d.
can't hurt.

Meme Stevens- Beautiful Song- get Kleenex

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