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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fundraising results - preliminary

The preliminary results are in for this fundraising effort. We have managed to directly affect approximately 20 students with our efforts.

(We might see a change or two when I am with the accountant but for now here's what I think the division of money it's going to look like).

20 students directly affected as follows:
15 unsponsored children are being kept in school this year at 1/2 rate.
5 children received their tuition from their existing sponsors (people who visited the school in past but did not sponsor through an organization sent me their money).

as an added bonus- a few people (I've heard 8-but have not confirmed) discovered the good work of COEEF and offered permanent sponsorship to some of the un-sponsored children at LemLem.

THANK YOU all! I will write more when I return home regarding the details.

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