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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A summer 2010 summary

So, before I leave the kids are napping and I thought I'd take a moment and update you all on how they are doing. After all- with the trip coming up -it'll be a month before I can really talk about the kids again-laugh.

This summer started out easier than last summer- we didn't do as much travelling this year and we stay very local to where we live. Since Debritu can walk and talk now doing things with her is very enjoyable.   We actually have also seen much less of our friends than we usually do-we've been home a lot this year.

The beginning of the summer Habtamu had many sports camps and swimming lessons. Debritu is still to small for many of these things so she's been with me mostly. After H got out of class and took a nap we went and did things like the park or going to get an ice cream or swimming at the local lakes together so she really didn't miss out on much.  

The weather has been amazing so staying close to home has been easy. We visited the Aquarium for the first time with visiting uncles.  We spent an amazing week in Vermont- it was the only week that rained this summer but it was delightful none the less-laugh.  We also hosted a Fresh Air child for a week and had the most delightful time.

On the parenting side of things- this summer has been much better than last summer- less exhausting. But it did come with a different kind of challenge.  Denis started to travel a lot again. I'm psyched for the business-totally psyched! But it also means that the kids and I have been flying solo for a good part of it.   All I can say is thank goodness for my mother and the fact that although she works and I give her all the space she needs- with out here living in our home- I'd have lost my mind. Laugh.  She has given me some time here and there to get things that really need to be done completed.

3 weeks ago-Habtamu broke his collar bone and it's been down hill since.  He's feeling better this week and it's given me a chance to get a bit bummed out.  There's something about knowing he is going to be just fine that allows me to break down now-laugh.  I've always been like that- the one to fall apart once everything is over and done with.  The weather has been fantastic and for the past 3 weeks he has been glued to me.  I love his company but since he can't do anything and my company has amounted to what feels like nagging- "don't do this, stop that, honey-you're going to hurt yourself" - even I'm tired of hearing myself say it... ugh.

Debritu has been next to impossible lately with her temper tantrums. Screaming- No, I don't want to. Her favorite thing to say is "shut up habtamu".  All of us in the house cannot wait until she's grown out of this phase she is in! I know that she got this horrible saying from me-but the fact that she can't let it go-makes me crazy.  What do they say- if you don't like the behavior wait 2 weeks- they change so fast.  Let me tell you- if she doesn't change in the next two weeks I'm going to build her a nice barn that she can sit in when she's being her usual not so-joyful self these days.. ha ha.   I feel like my grandmother "if you don't have anything nice to say-please don't say anything at all".  Habtamu has taken to .. Mom D's doing this, D's done that, mooooooommmm D.... ya ya ya ya...

Now the little tattle tale Habtamu needs constant watching to keep himself from re-injuring himself this week and Debritu is exasperating me with her "shut ups" to say the least. In all sincerity though- if H was telling mom everything I did from peeing to touching something I'd be telling him to shut up too-laugh.

Emotionally for me- I need a break and I can't wait for it.  It's so funny to tell people when they call from Ethiopia and ask- what do you want to do-and I tell them sleep.  I just want to sleep. So-this Sunday can't come soon enough for me.  2 days after I leave- is the first day of pre-school and also the day he is cleared for "full activity".  Thank goodness.

I am hopeful that next summer we can manage through with out somebody getting seriously hurt, juggle den's travelling and my full time work.  I'm sure there will still be a small adventure, perhaps a hick up. I'm just thinking that I'd like it to not be an injury.

So- see ya "next year" in 2003 by Ethiopian standards and I look forward to coming back-resting. Missing my wee ones beyond my expectations and anxious to get back to work.

Hugs and love- me

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Lori said...

Very beautiful blog! I like the layout a lot.
I didn't know that Habtamu got hurt. These kids are so restless! Ananya keeps falling without warning, one moment she's walking, the next she's on the ground with a bubu ... I hope Habtamu is getting well quickly.

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