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This blog started out as a way to record the twists, turns, highs and lows in my families journey to adopt siblings from Ethiopia. Now our children are home and we have just finished celebrating our first year as a family.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tomorrow 6 months waiting

Hi All,
I haven't written in this blog for a while. Actually I'm pretty certain no one is reading it- I tend to keep it pretty sterile and have been thinking about that. Why do we hide our personal lives so much more than others? So I've decided to write a somewhat personal one today.

Tomorrow we'll have been waiting for a referral for 6 months. As you all know- we truly started the adoption process (signed the application with an agency is the date we select to say "truly started" in April of 2006). There was a lot of agency research before that date so if you wonder when we started that- it was probably at fall of 2005)- but enough said.

In the past month we've started to struggle a little bit. First our friends/family that learned about our adoption and then later on found out they were pregnant are having their babies. I feel terrible that I'm struggling with it-but our day will come.

We've been so vested in Ethiopia that I'm kind of embarrassed to say we took a look at DSS late last month. We've been giving some consideration to raising our age range and with that comes the feeling that we needed to look around at our local situations. We'll that experience went absolutely no where. I can't believe the experience I had- after 8-12 phone calls I finally found the right person to chat with and she didn't have any listening skills at all. It's a long negative story that I don't want to remember at a later date- if you need to know more- email me- I'll be happy to vent- but basically- I'm back to completely understanding that US adoption options really suck- and since there is some sort of gov't program that at least provides a bit for them- I'll stick with international. I mean who in their right mind is going to take a couple of children when they want to adopt that may be removed from their home. I asked for % of risk based on past experience- they have nothing. I swear- it's hard to believe any of these people we've met in the social working field ever got out of college- It's been a disgusting experience to say the least. Okay- enough on that. Very angry yet again at a US social program and willing to move where there are not any it seems- call me nuts- I'm sure I am. I'm at the very least angry.

So- in the past few months we've decided we need a web developer for the Ethiopian culture camp website- I'm just not interested in doing it- and Denis is struggling for free time as it is.

We are trying to help the Central MA Yahoo Group meet and get to know each other better. Had the first parent meeting last night- and 4 of the families had a referral. The energy was just amazing- and we totally needed it.
We are also hosting the showing of Black Gold at our local Church (Northboro - UU- 7pm on Dec. 7th). Hopefully quite a few people will join us.

We've decided on a color for the play room, sponsored a DSS Child's Christmas.. etc.

Anyone out there have a convertible bug and 2 children? I'm beginning to think it's going to be a bit of a clown car-but with it almost paid off and I don't really like it - I really want to find a stroller that will fit in the trunk so the kids can trash it- as they seem to have all my friends cars- and then when they are older- I can replace it with a nice clean one :-). With a 2 year old car - just about paid off- I'm not really excited about taking on any new loans. Especially since we should be barreling our money into our house -given the market conditions.

Well- that's my blog for today. It's a bit more personal..

6 months with probably 6 more to go...

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