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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another week- from Habtamu

This week I started going to school. I can't figure out what days I go and what days I do not. Some mornings daddy wakes me up- hurries me through breakfast and we run out to his work car, then other days- like today-I wake up on my own and we've been up for hours but I'm still in my pajamas. I keep reminding them that we are still in our pajamas and they seem excited about this-so weird.

In school they let me get dirty, mom and dad like to take my clothes off when they know I'm going to get dirty. At school they have a bike and I can get dirty with my clothes on- it's lots of fun. To get dirty-I put my hands in this colorful liquid they call "paint" and smeared it all over my clothes-Mommy and daddy didn't send me with extra clothing so I thought for sure I was going to be in "trouble" when they picked me up. Thank goodness it was mommy that got me- she just laughed it off.

I love Elmo-but Mr. Noodle is strange- mom keeps saying something about if he was around in real life he wouldn't be allowed near us- not sure what she means. When I arrived in America grandpa gave me a balloon with Mickey on it. We went to AC's house a lot this weekend and she showed me who he was- on this show called "Mickey's playhouse". Daddy's been singing songs about "hot dogs" since we watched it. My Aunt F kept saying she lives with Mickey. I'm a little confused about these americans - Aunt F lives with Mickey and my Grandma "football" lives with a moose - and I live with a lion.

Mom's no longer walking with those big sticks-but is still having some difficulty. Can't wait until she can run and play again- she will run and play again right???? I got a new car seat this week- it seems each week I get a new seat in the car- first it was a baby seat, then a big kids seat-the big kids seat kept slipping out from under me- so mom and I went to this huge store with lot's of babies crying in it- and got a seat that is not a baby seat and not a big kid seat- then mom had us stand in a "parking lot" - this place where there are lots of cars we can't touch or get into- for an hour in the rain- while she tried to "make me more safe". The entire time- she left Cako in the cart and asked me "not to help". Sometimes- she's really stubborn and refuses my help-but other times she really wants it- wish I could figure out when to help and when not to.

Oh- and I visited the man who likes to put his hands in my mouth again this week. He removed another tooth. If I keep visiting him- I'm not going to have any teeth left??? I've decided I don't like this man.

We had a bird in our house yesterday. First a Lion, then a bird- it was flying around and daddy isn't sure how it got it- and he chased it around to get it out. Funny that the lion didn't notice the bird- and wasn't alarmed by daddy running around. Does this mean that this is regular behavior for him? I'll let you know-but daddy running around in circles was very funny- so I'm not sure how Geneva wasn't excited by this. This Lion sleeps a lot.

Kako has learned the word- up this week. It's the only thing she says that they seem to understand her saying. Mom get's very excited when she says it. So- she's saying it a lot.. ughh.

Well, I hear we are going to visit my cousin T with his family for a party- I should go and remind them that we are still in our pajamas- just incase.

Have a great day- Habtamu

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kristine said...

Habtamu - what a life you lead! and it's only the beginning.

Meme Stevens- Beautiful Song- get Kleenex

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