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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair....Hair... Hair....

I've spent the past 9 months doing Debritu and Habtamu's hair.  We've purchased and tried so many different products.  I wanted something I wouldn't have to mail order everytime we needed product and found that I like Virgin Coconut Oil and Argan oil so far for Debritu's hair and Habtamu I use the Argan oil but he doesn't seem to need any "special products". I'm still searching for a conditioner or shampoo that we will be happy with. So far I seem to like the olive oil products-but the decisions not made there yet.

The Argan oil at Sally's worked so much better than the Moroccan Oil from my hair dresser- I have to use less of it and it costs a fraction of what the Moroccan Oil does at the hair salon.
Argan Oil:

Coconut Oil- I love it.  Fill the sink up with warm water- put the coconut oil in a plastic cup and warm it in the water in the sink- then condition their hair and then add probably two tbls of the warm oil to Debritu's hair-less to Habtamu's and let it sit in their hair while they are in the bath. I've tried it on their dry hair before washing but it takes too much product... I've been trying differerent products out and am not ready to recommend one-but I have tried an organics warming oil purchased at Price Chopper, Spectrum Naturals: Organic coconut oil, at walmart (although I'm not a huge fan of walmart shopping-it's in a green bottle), one from Vitamin world and one from GNC.

If you are working with textured or curly African hair products-what are the Shampoo and Conditioning products you use that you don't have to "buy online?" 

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