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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meringe Cha

This is popular Ethiopian Song ( a few years old) that the children did a dance to on parents day at Lem Lem school. They were so cute- wearing hats, holding canes and doing the twist as well as dancing around as if they were in the video while they sang on a stage of a building that was rented out for Parent's day. Parent's day is when the Kindergarten children graduate (big deal with caps and gowns-etc) and when the kids perform dances, songs and skits that they've practiced with their teachers and others. Awards are given out to the top students as well. It was a chance for me to thank the teachers and the students for the opportunity to teach at Lem Lem.

On Parent's day- The other teachers got me on the stage to do one of the dances that I had a lot of fun doing. It's called the "grage". I can't spell it sorry. I just love it. You move your legs back and forth and kind of clap while moving your shoulders. It's great fun. There are many dances and during my visit I was presented with a lot of time to practice them. But the Gragge was a blast. The Meringe Cha is not Gragge but it's an enjoyable little ditty that you'll have fun listening to. I was also able to give some of the students awards and give a little speech (that I didn't know I'd be doing and wasn't prepared for-laugh). There's nothing like winging it in front of hundreds of Ethiopians. I kept my calm but making myself believe that the majority of the crowd was not going to be able to fully understand me- so I sad what few words I know in Amharic-and then jabbered on in English using a nice and thank full tone in my voice.

I just love the song- almost as much as I like Teddy Afro- so I couldn't help but post it here.
There's a bit of advertising before it starts- enjoy. It's one of those snappy contagious tunes.

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