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Monday, August 18, 2008

Non-profits, NGOs and children

Children need so much in Ethiopia. But, it's really through education that we can truly help people elevate their day to day social status. When you are educated you can not only help yourself but your family members and when you educate a group of children- you are elevating an entire community. It's amazing to see the impact the teachers have on the children's lives in a developing nation like Ethiopia.

While I was in Ethiopia, so many families opened their lives and doors to teach me about life there. I saw a need - and I'm working on opening an NGO (international non-profit) to keep these poor children in school. Also, on a personal level to do what little bit I can to make a big difference in some of these families lives. It's amazing how many families need help to keep their children in school. Schools provided me with of pictures of children and their background information- children that are the poorest of the poor in these schools - many of the children I have met personally- that need assistance- and I'm very excited about having the opportunity to bring the information/awareness about these children to your doorstep. Together you and I can really impact a growing nation.

When you hear the stories, the reason for starting this NGO –and see how much you can affect one person’s life with very little money you'll be excited (I hope anyway). Our money goes so far in developing countries and I've seen firsthand what a small amount of money can do. It'll shock you. Soon the organization will be set up (a couple of months and finally I'll be happily asking you all for money- giggle.

I’d like to comment on another company doing a lot of “good” in Uganda:
Johnny Long has helped us get in touch with some people that work with Hackers for Charities (he's so awesome- everyone really in the hacking community is). So - while you are waiting for me- if you have the desire to give away any of your money- I strongly recommend that you give it to them. In-case you missed that - it's And if you don’t know the name Johnny Long- look it up, if you’re into computers or hacking at all- you’ll be intrigued.

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