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Monday, September 8, 2008

I think my husband is nesting..Giggle

Our Sixth anniversary brought about an exciting change in my Denis dearest..

Denis took the day off and we were going to go visit a museum- have a nice lunch- perhaps a nice long walk in the woods with our Geneva- but instead- our 6th anniversary was a "TACKY" one...

The basement project we started the weekend before took much longer than we thought it would. It was a ton of work but actually quite rewarding.

We borrowed "Uncle J's" table saw and went to work cutting out a puzzle into cork-literally- it took forever. We spent until 5am the first night working on it and continued on Tuesday night and then Denis took Wednesday off from work so we could do something "romantic or fun" as noted above and what did we do exactly??? We laid down cork flooring. UGHGHGHG.. Laugh. Yes everyone my yellow page husband did a home project with me. I was so proud-laugh!!! It looks great - for 2 neophytes!!

Following this he has been mysteriously "empowered" by his new home talents (he can cut wood- hurray!!!)- so he's proceeded to reconfigure the cabinets upstairs so that my pots and pans will fit better in our otherwise "cabinet less" Kitchen (on the bottom we have one plus the breakfast bar-literally)-laugh.

It seems he's decided to "rediscover" the garage as well. Yesterday he went to lowes (with our Geneva-the ST. Bernard in the back seat of the bug convertible) and they came home with long shelves sticking out the back of it - which apparently he is going to hang from the ceiling. He's going to "organize" all of the items that came out of the newly finished side of the basement. "We have extra siding, and a few things like that --that we can't throw out.."

I haven't blogged for a bit- Here's why:

Besides finishing the cork flooring in the basement-
  • We've built a fire-pit in the back yard
  • Cleaned out and organized most of the closets
  • We've painted the inside of a closet with magnetic paint which we are going to utilize as a small storage/play space in the new basement for the kiddos
Could it be that my husband dearest is Nesting???? Giggle!!

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Laura said...

Sounds like nesting to me! Hope to see you guys soon.

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