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Monday, September 14, 2009

4 months in America- A note from Habtamu

Mom said it was about time for me to write another note. This month we spent a lot of time outside.

We went to the zoo a couple more times-it's interesting this zoo place. We go and mommy spends money to see animals that are native to my homeland.  We see Monkey's from Awassa, Camels from the Afar regio-only with out the grumpy Afar people protecting them.  I got to ride a camel here in America. I had not had this opportunity in Ethiopia-they are bouncy bouncy when you ride them.  Many of the animals- the crocodiles, the wild boars, the lions, the other monkeys, the donkeys and the sheep/goats are all from Ethiopia.  It's funny that they keep working animals and the animals we eat in cages to pet.  I wonder if they will ever eat them?   Mommy always tries to use the amharic name and the english name of the animals.  It's fun to see these animals so close up and not have to shoo them off the dining table because they want my injera as we had to do with the little monkeys in our village- or run away when we see them (like the lions).  I didn't like when the lions were around- or when the bad weather came because we'd sometimes bring the cow (s?) inside our house.  Here the horses do dances and run in circles jumping over things. In Ethiopia they are like cars here.  We ride them and go to places on them.  It's very strange this dressing up your horses and making them run in circles around crowds of people for them to clap.

I started a new school- well actually it's the same school but mom and dad made this big deal of finishing "summer" and it being "fall".  So I guess this is my new "fall" school.  There are some changes though-Miss G- has to pay attention to more children- so I have to speak LOUDER to be heard, there are more children to ride the bicycles- so I don't really get to ride anymore and now I eat lunch with the other kids instead of Kako and mom.   There are some great things though- more kids means more friends and some of my "summer" friends are still there.  "Crazie"... is still there. Everyone always says her name after I say it "Gracie" .. but I'm not sure why.. I then have to say.. "that's what I said "Crazie".  Well, she is funny and I like her a lot.   Here's a picture of me making the most of my bicycle time at home.

Also, we've been to some birthday parties-but they don't have the fireworks that the American b-day party did-but you get to play with other children-just like at the park only in somebody's back yard or in their house-and you get to eat bread with lots and lots of sugar (cake) and sometimes frozen milk (ice cream).

I went to the tooth doctor again- and this time- he removed all of the brown on my front teeth.  Daddy asked him not to give me any needles and the dentist said- "he would try".. it was so much better. It tickled a lot.  When I was all done- I did not cry- and daddy and mommy seemed so surprised.  They kept saying over and over "and he did it with no novicane"... or something like that.  I was very excited and went to school the next day to show off my new teeth.

Debritu has started to talk, and talk. I'm sure you've seen the video- Kako this and Kako that... So, now I have to talk more.  I try to make it so I'm still getting all of the attention but she sure is making it difficult.   Mom went to the doctors for Debritu's warts and she was kind of upset that after months of waiting (I hear her speaking on the phone) that they told her to use something called Duck Tape to cover them.  If it will work on her warts- can we also put it on her mouth?? It was better when she wasn't talking.  Now she's always telling me "no no no". Although- it is better than the biting thing she was doing last month.  Hurting my feelings is much better than biting me.
Mom has started putting veggies in everything- she says she wants me to eat them-but she seems to not understand that I can pick them out.  Someday she'll get the message that "I don't want them". And there's something about getting bigger if I eat them- but I'm questioning this- I've learned that somethings when they get big- it's very painful.  I do like drinking from the boxes in America.  It's funny that you all drink from boxes with straws- but did you know if you blow into the boxes you can make the drink come up the straw and spray everywhere. It's quite fun- you should try it.
Everone that is young and old- seems to call me Hamu. Guess somehow- I've lost the bta... somewhere along the way- I keep telling people "I don't like it" but someday they will get the rest of my name.. I guess 3 sylables are just to hard for Americans?? I'm not sure but my mom's name is "Kim-ber-ly" and everyone calls her Kim- so maybe it's true. - Only time can tell. 
I have noticed that the words we use at school are different than the words we use at home for things.  Mom says it's important for me to keep or learn as much Amharic as possible-but sometimes I find it confusing. Mom and Dad both say it's okay- and that it will come with time and lots of practice.  But I have to now stop saying "I want" and change it to "may I have". They say "may I have" is more "polite" and that it's important to be a "polite" boy.  Not sure what that is... but It makes them happy so I'll give it a try-I like to hear the words "good boy" -they make me smile and laugh.
Kako has tried to pee in the potty a couple of times this month- but it's pretty disgusting when she does. She pees and then uses the soft (toilet paper) to dip it into the pee and then wash her legs with it.  YUCK.... mom really has to help her with this- it's disgusting-but it's better than drinking the toilet water- at least now she's just playing in it!!!
There so many interesting things in says our adventure is just starting.. but the food. The food is sometimes yummy but mostly not.  I'll keep eating auntie J's injera and my mom's Ethiopian Families berber...

Hugs to you all- and Happy Ethiopian New Year!!!


Evelyn said...

Sounds like your kids are doing so well! Happy for you!

kristine said...

thank you for this lovely, wonderful, silly, funny and slightly disgusting (pee washing) post!

it brings back memories - i cannot wait to go through it all again. does that sound crazy now that you are in the middle of it all? it must.

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