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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

still grateful for Autumn.. after all this time

Happy Autumnal Equinox Everyone! 
This year, the autumnal equinox happens today at exactly 5:19 PM in New York City.

I've been privileged to call New England my permanent residence for most of my life, a place where Autumn is marked by a dance of the most amazing colors. Simple things like letting the dog out-are a treat. You look out the window- and wow- there it is.. colors in the horizon from the rising sun and a sprinkle of color in the trees- bright reds, oranges-peeking out around the green-trying to be seen.  Your whining dog reminds you to open the door-and let her out- and a burst of cool (if not cold) whips across your face- and whooo- you thing- Ughghgh I'm not ready for winter and hurry the dog out.

Later in the day- you notice how green everything still is. How the flowers in the yard are still blooming and the lawn still needs mowing-but yet- there's this hint of color that with each bit of rain and cool night-brings about more and more color.  

People are outside planting their mums and putting out dried corn stocks, gourds and pumpkins on or around the doorsteps. You start thinking *(panic) about all of the work you need to do on your home before winter comes.  You inspect the roof- will it survive? You call the guy to blow out your sprinkler system, clean our your gutters, bring in the patio furniture, and mow the lawn.  Listen to the children hustle off the school buses. You know that by Halloween there will be lot's of color and leaves to crunch under your feet (oh and rake rake rake), you have flowers to cut back.. as you prepare the grounds and home for winter.  

But for now- we relish in the sunshine. Enjoy a run in the neighborhoods or a nice walk with the dog or family, go apple picking or visit a agricultural fair and listen to the never-ending sound of people using hammers. A reminder that winter is coming.

As evening comes- you burn a candle and become grateful for your heating system (and the sneezing that comes with it from the dust that settled over summer) .  You start making more "baked" meals- waking your abandoned stove up-as you begin preparing it for daily winter use.  The sun is setting earlier in the day and you will see - the gorgeous colors of a sunset -a back drop to the dance the light breeze is encouraging from the brightly colored leaves. Then maybe you start a fire in the fireplace (after you've had it cleaned) and recipes start to spin in your head- yummy things like cookies, pumpkin cheese cake and apple pie-along with wholesome things like roasted chickens, pot roasts and beef stew make your tummy rumble. Of course, there's also chicken soup recipes for that first round of illnesses.  You retire the white wine and lemonade and start thinking about robust reds and apple cider.

Autumn in New England is yes- enjoyable in a painting- so many artists have displayed this in their works, but to to see the leaves dancing, to feel the cold rush of morning air, to taste it in a freshly picked apple and to listen to leaves crackle under your feet, makes it truly is a gift and a wonderful place to grow up, age and well... grow old. 

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