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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sleep baby (ies) sleep

Sleep Baby Sleep.. a cute little lullaby.  It's a quiet afternoon here- which is very unusual-now a-days it always feels like the circus is in town-and living at my house!  Do you have a picture of you sleeping as a child? I have lots- perhaps it's the only time I stood still long enough for my family to take pictures- who knows (grin)- but I couldn't resist sneaking in - and stealing a little reminder for myself- "look they really can be quiet sometimes" .

Sleep, baby, sleep
Your father tends the sheep
Your mother shakes the dreamland tree
And from it fall sweet dreams for thee
Sleep, baby, sleep
Sleep, baby, sleep

Sleep, baby, sleep
Our cottage vale is deep
The little lamb is on the green
With snowy fleece so soft and clean
Sleep, baby, sleep
Sleep, baby, sleep

1 comment:

kristine said...

seriously the most adorable photos!!!

i miss those days where he would be asleep and i'd be awake during the day. enjoy.

Meme Stevens- Beautiful Song- get Kleenex

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