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This blog started out as a way to record the twists, turns, highs and lows in my families journey to adopt siblings from Ethiopia. Now our children are home and we have just finished celebrating our first year as a family.

I'm Kimberly (or Fendesha), an adventurous person who aspires to be a vagabond- but for now- I spend all of my free time travelling and my down time thinking of travelling. I'm a mom of 3 (the oldest being my gorgeous canine companion), a IT project manager, and on occasion I find myself the primary writer of this blog.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ahhh..the family taxi..yup that's me

Ahhh... home again-things are back to "normal"... Denis flying out this week for work- his family flying in-bringing my mom to work a few times this week, attending playgroups with our little friends and celebrating birthdays-Habtamu is playing sports....Debritu getting ready for preschool- and me- I guess I'm the taxi for it all... Laugh!!!

Wow-my my how my version of "normal" has changed....

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Jennifer said...

Have a margarita. Someone suggested it to me, and it worked well. :-)

Meme Stevens- Beautiful Song- get Kleenex

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