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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bead up my nose... Oh my...

As I have almost completed my first "elaborate" hairstyle on Debritu - knowing it's 4th of July this weekend and Ethiopian Culture camp next weekend- I decided to go with an Ethio-American theme.

When I'm nearing our 5th hour of working on her hair... I hear- mama -bead nose- hurts... Hmmm.  What could this mean? I've been really careful with the beads.  Are you sure Debritu? I look up her nose, touch her nose- nothing.  Then puzzled -step away for moment- looking for tweezers just in case and thinking "what am I to do??".  She starts screaming hysterically when I step away.  Hmmm-bead up her nose. Seriously? But I was right there, doing her hair- and she's watching TV,  is it possible?  Well-she's almost 3- anything in possible-laugh.  So- I turn up the lights- man handle her down to the floor and spread open her nostrils as calmly as I can- while struggling to get her to stay still so I can "look".

There it is.... Yup- she has a red bead stuck up her nose.  Now I Panic .. grab shoes - jump in the car and call hubby- what hospital do I go to? All the while I'm driving "fast" to the hospital- with my hazard lights on... Now, If you know me, I drive pretty fast to start with...I have calmed down immensely in my "parentage".. but I learned- some things come back very naturally-laugh.

So quickly down the highway we fly- I kept thinking- what if she gets this past the point of seeing it- what will they have to do? After all it's right at the point where is she pushes it even a bit- it might "disappear".  Hmmmm.  Denis calls the nurse and she calls me.  The nurse asks-"can you see it??, Yes, I can but it's high.  She says, okay-come into the office anyway?  There is one thing we can try- if it doesn't work we'll move her to the emergency room".  All the while I'm calming now and have a constant case of nervous laughter.

So, arriving at the office (one floor up from Emergency) they usher us right into a room-all the while D is screaming.

Here is what you do if your Daughter or Son gets a bead up there nose and you can see it!

  • A nurse held her down 
  • The doctor plugged the clear nostril.   
  • Then I blew as hard as I could into her mouth.  
The bead came flying out- along with some buggers onto my face...Ewwww.but totally awesome!.
So- if your daughter ever gets a bead stuck up her nose- try the little trick described above. 

The doctor then giggles and says to "me", now you know the trick.  

The doctor then explains... they see this a lot.

15 minutes later, the delighted Debritu and I head to the hospital cafeteria for a chocolate milk and some change for the valet guy.  The picture above is her hair still half beaded this morning..

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Jennifer said...

Ahhh I love the story. I am a huge traveler. Lisa L. from the agency said she does not have any doubt I will go up there and visit them sometime after the kids get home. ha ha If I do, I have to make sure I get to meet some of the families up in that area.

I am constantly waivering on the sib bit because of the wait time. I am not hearing the same thing from my caseworker I was hearing in March from others there ..and people who adopted in recent months. At six months of waiting, I am going to reevaluate what I want to do. For now, I will sit tight 0-6. Your two kids are adorable.

I just really don't want to be 80 when I get kids.

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