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Friday, August 20, 2010

Chaos... total Chaos this week...

The past week has been a very very challenging week for our family- it included some of the most joyous moments in our lives and some of the saddest we've had in a while....

On Sunday, one of Denis' cousins (in his 40's)  being admitted to the hospital on Sunday, he dies mid week.  He had a rough life fighting alcoholism and has not been doing well for many years.  Death is a weird thing like that, no matter how the person lived their life and what thoughts or judgement you may pass as the years go by- when death knocks - you feel very sad and indeed helpless in some ways with helping the family members.  That's the 3rd death in less than a year for Den.. very difficult indeed.

On Monday the most amazing boy arrived at our home for a weeks vacation with us.  We enrolled as a host family to the Fresh Air fund ( and I can't say enough about this organization or the child that arrived.  We have fit in an amazing week around the other challenges surrounding us.  I think with out the "need for fun" distraction he provided us with- this week would have been much different in so many ways.

 Habtamu broke his collar bone on Tuesday, so he and I spent much of the day at the doctors office and then watching movies.  Thank goodness my brother in-law Jim extended his trip - he was a blessing to have here so I didn't have to bring the other two kids to the doctors. He took them swimming instead and thus the beginning of the kid juggle for the week-laugh.

On Wednesday Denis business trip was cancelled and I rejoiced! Mom's job hours increased again- something she needs- but we sure could have used the help this week of all weeks. We also kind of laid low.  Mom tried to take Z (fresh air boy) fishing but the fishing line was a mess-and thus the trip was as well-laugh.  We made fried chicken with the neighbors for Z- who was very excited as this is his favorite food and had a fire outside in the firepit- to listen to the crickets, other noises and to hear the fire "snap crackle and pop".  Having a fresh air child in our home has really opened our eyes to city life vs. sub-urban life.  This polite young man manages to politely talk of guns and knifes at school-and the death of young men (he's 6).  Amazing.. my 4 year old talks about how "fast he is" and then Z jumps right in and can be a young kid here.. Amazing..

Thursday- Habtamu's on the mend, I lost Z's inhaler- oops,  Z and I go out, family wake for cousin... dinner with different neighbors. I tried to grill... and we ended up all eating hockey puck hamburgers and burned hot dogs...laugh.

Today is friday- and so far so good. We did sports, the beach and going to a ball game tonight.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday... What an adventure... I'm sooo ready for a nap now-laugh...

Well- my mental break is over.. Hugs to you all- and if you've ever thought of hosting a Fresh Air child... It has been a wonderful experience so far.  

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