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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Urgent call to Action - assist the children at LemLem School

This week I got off the phone with my host sister Eldana who is the principal at the school I teach at in Ethiopia and she told me a very sad story.

Due to the economic down turn in the US -Some of the 150 children who are currently sponsored at her school will not receive their scholarships this year.  They are trying to work with the Ethiopian Government, (and other organizations the children are sponsored through, and with the parents of the children to keep each and every one of those children in school this year).  The school is asking the parents who are struggling to pay 1/2 of the kids tuition and they are working with the external resources above noted to obtain the remaining of the monies. It is unlikely that the parents will be able to pay and it is more likely that the children will not be able to attend.

I ask you to forward this story to every one you know. I would like to see American's step up and help other Americans who are trying to help others but find themselves out of work or unable to keep their commitments to these children.  I'm asking for a 1 time donation of any monies you may be able to afford to assist me with this goal.  Many of them I have personally taught and some are currently receiving the highest grades in their class.  I do not want these children shown the door due to lack of financial ability to attend school!

I personally would like to raise $5,000 or as much of it as I can in the next 30 days.  At  $125.00 per student or half the tuition for the year we can together keep 40 of these children in school this year.  That's 40 less kids that will be rejected the ability to continue to be educated in a country where education is the only way to a better life. I depart on the 5th of September.

If anyone would like to verify this information- please call me at 617.304.2537 and I will put you in touch with anyone you feel the need to speak with.

I will be working early this week to determine an ability to send money using a credit card and tax deductible options for you all. If you don't care about the tax deduction please feel free to make the check out directly to me.  Otherwise I'll do the best I can to find ways to make this work for everyone willing or able to do anything they can to help these children so near and dear to my heart.

If you are not comfortable with my request- but still would like to help-a great organization that is 503c approved- that you can still help Ethiopia's students through is

If you can help at all- please send any money, checks anything you can to:
Kimberly Calderone
17 Gregoire Drive
Marlborough, MA  01752

I will personally deliver the monies directly to the school and verify the receipt of it to all who can assist us.

with thanks in advance and with much urgency,
Kimberly Calderone


Anonymous said...

just sent you a check for 2 students. thanks for your work on this.

Fendesha said...

Oh my goodness!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Please include your contact information and when I've ironed out the tax deductions (already in process) I'll send you a letter.

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