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This blog started out as a way to record the twists, turns, highs and lows in my families journey to adopt siblings from Ethiopia. Now our children are home and we have just finished celebrating our first year as a family.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

America's Great Juvenile Amusement Park

Our referral came with two ticket$ to America’$ "Juvenile Amu$ement Park".

  • Fir$t we zoom off to cyber$pace for the low down on the late$t and greate$t opinion$ floating about in con$umer hell.
  • Then it'$ a quick $top on Dr. $eu$$' merry go round- to buy a Thing one and and a thing two and perhap$ all the way up to a thing 22 to decorate the place where our dear little Red fi$h and blue fi$h are going to go to have a $nooze...
  • We pau$e for a moment in paranoid parent world- where we will ohh and ahh over monitor$ and think about how thi$ i$ the fir$t of the many way$ we will make $ure that our children have no privacy-laugh. The choice$ our little techno mind$ will have to ponder.. a monitor with video, a monitor with out, do we want one hand $et or two..perhap$ a global gp$ will be be$t--laugh.
  • From paranoid parent world we're going to $kip on over to $trollerLand. Where we will be a$$aulted by the late$t and greate$t of $troller $ale$men- Do we want off roading wheel$, perhap$ two cup holder$, maybe even a $kateboard attachment. Are we the hyundai type or the mercede$ type??? Perhaps theres even an Eco-type now. The options are overwhelming. The dreaming of introducing our kid$ around town in the late$t and greate$t $troller.
Not quite finally but for today-that is-we will drive our new Stroller from Stroller land off to Magic Car $eat Mountain - Where we con$ider how many Straps does it take to make the roller coa$ter ride $afe. We dream about what $ize our wee one$ will be. Quantity, Quantity, Quantity- Do we need 2, or 4?? How about the convertible-how about one that come$ with a wind helmet$- in which ca$e- we'll take 2 of tho$e too!

$oo here we go- Our beloved dog hou$e it being converted to a "tree hou$e".
$tay tuned for the late$t and greate$t picture$ and $torie$ $traight from "Baby Ooober Land"

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