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Monday, January 19, 2009

First Parenting lesson: Learning to Steal, Beg, Plead and rely on relatives

Okay-so everyone knows we got this call that said- hey, meet your kids.
But what people don't realize is that you really learn so little about them on this call.

So, as the "new and expecting" mom of 2 toddlers..... I start to wonder about clothing them??? I'm certain the neighbors have already had images of my two little ones running up and down the streets in diapers... "yup-that's the Calderone's kids" -ha ha.

So- I went into Babies r us- (please see other post)- and staggered around the clothing a little bit- first ohhing and ahhhing over the cute little outfits-then - pondered the sizes.. having no Idea what to buy. Then I picked up an outfit-and this white tag was like diamonds- sparkling- I swear I heard it say "take me"... so, I did-I ripped the little sizing chart right off the outfit- yes everyone- I stole - my heart pounding. It was exhilarating! I was finally going to know what sizes to buy our children...Feeling dark and menacing (carrying an innocent grin).. I had officially crossed over to the other side- I'm a thief. So, I looked both ways- Sweating a little bit-I made for the exit with "my" beautiful little chart .

I justified it by saying to myself- the person who buys this isn't going to need this little tag-After-all don't most people know what size clothes their kids wear????

So- I rush home with much excitement -proudly showing Denis over and over again, along with dancing around the room with my little "lifted" sizing sheet. I explained to Denis the rush I got out of leaving the store with it. We hurried into the referral paperwork and wow- it indicates that Debritu is in Size 12 months- WHAT- 12 months- are you serious... wow-she's little. Then Habtamu is wearing 2T wait- he's like 3.2 years old. OMG- we sit back and ponder -reality sits in a bit....

Then we ohh and ahh over the fact that we know what sizes they might be. I run upstairs to see what we have in that size in the closets -hmmm- the barren and empty closet-we have nothing-so we rush out to Target- giddy like- saying- look this is about how tall Habtamu is and how small Debritu is.... but how big will they be when we get them? How fast will they grow??

We come to the realization- that we need to have in Boys- 2T (a few), 3T and 4T's. and in Girls- 12Mo (a few), 18mo , and 24mo ... you look at the price tags and your heart starts pounding- we can't do this- they really are going to be running up and down the street in their diapers....

Solution-I've discovered relatives (god send-Thank you B!!!), the Children's Orchard , and yes folks: FreeCycle. All of which work very well and I highly recommend both stealing a little sizing chart (Sheepish grin) and trying out all of the above avenues.

Of course, that then allows you to ohh, ahh and actually purchase those few precious items- you just can't live with out (BIG TOOTH EATING GRIN)....

My first precious little purchase for Debritu:
signed- your little thief


kristine said...

I love this post! Thanks. It brought back memories of before Quinn began to choose his own clothes.

It's such fun to follow your journey. Thanks for sharing your joy.

Laura said...

I love that you took the size chart right out of the store! Too funny!

Jennifer said...

Wow.. and you never offered to send me that little sizing chart. I had no clue. I might have missed the kiddos age at referrals. OK going back to referral post. ha ha

My now l4 month old little one is in l2 months for weight and 6 months for height.. Love to see your chart shows what I saw.. so I bought him all l2-l8 month outfits.

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