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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Melkam Gena!!!

Merry Christmas Ethiopia- Melkam Gena!!!! Wishing you and your families all a wonderful holiday!! You are in our thoughts...

Today we received the wonderful gift of additional pictures of our babies. I can't post their pictures on the internet (as most of you know) until they are officially ours- which will be another 4-6 months from now (about-perhaps more).

So- I'll describe them:

They look quite a bit alike. Same puffy cheeks. Their eyes and noses look similarly shapped. Both have similar slightly rounded chins as well-but they do look quite different outside of the simularities. They are average sized kids by the look of the pictures. It seems although this may be a coincidence that they both like to stick their big toe out a bit.. which made us laugh.

Debritu has this cute semi-smile and the biggest eyes- if you make the picture really big- you can see she has gorgeous eyelashes. (not that I'm obsessing over them or anything-laugh). She looks very curious about the things- Debritu is sitting up that happen around her. It looks like she might be in a crib but I'm not sure. It would make since as she's not yet walking according to the paperwork. But I'm sure it won't be long before she's motoring about since the home they are in has many children around her and her brother's age. It's common for kids to walk later their because it's not as popular to be put down on the ground as it is here. No worries :-). Debritu has a belly.

Habtamu is sleeping peacefully in the picture of him. He's on his right side- One arm is folded under his head and the other forward. He has very short hair and his shoulders are scrunched up a bit. His face is relaxed and has a bit of a look of concern on it. Given all of the changes and adjustments he is going through (new language and a new home with lots of other children) - it's of great relief to see that he's getting rest. He has a beautiful complexion.

Today it's Christmas (Melkam Gena) in their New world and it's a delightful gift to be able to see them this morning. Thinking that they have been in their orphanage for almost a month and look like they are settling into their current life.

Merry Christmas!!!


kristine said...

Oh Yay!!! What a lovely description of the two of them! So happy you have some more photos.

I hope they are home soon!

Jennifer said...

I am going back and reading all your posts after the referral.

My youngest had the pcr test done and results months before I ever got the referral. Makes me sick to think they have been in the orphanage eight months.. ugh.

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