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Sunday, June 27, 2010

To tell or not to tell...

I often struggle with being a custodian of Habtamu and Debritu's story and not a teller of their life experience.  Instead- we're working to make a difference... or at least trying to...on a small scale:

  • By speaking out at culture camps- we are able to connect our children with others with similar life stories.
  • By speaking out to our church we are able to education others about adoption, society and inter-racial relationships- not to mention the realities of life is "sub-Saharan Africa". 
  • By asking for small amounts of money here and there; disadvantaged students in Ethiopia are receiving an education and we are working to keep families with disadvantages in-tact and functioning as a family.
  • This morning- H and D's story has inspired a congregation in Florida- to ask for and send money to Nothing but Nets. So, not only are our children inspiring others to make a difference - their story is going play a small part in  "making a difference".  Perhaps today-  one less family- may lose their mom or dad or simply being touched or enlightened by a another's life experience.
I do believe that it is better for my children to grow up knowing that their story was told to help- when it was told.   Seriously- if we buy nets, fight malaria every way we can, earn money for vaccination against TB, educate others on adoption and adoption language and help other children/families to stay intact through  the difficulties of poverty (both at home and away).. perhaps perhaps we will instill pride and confidence in their story.  Perhaps they will dislike that I told the story- or perhaps they will believe in a bigger picture- and believe that their story was part of a solution... 

So when appropriate- yes, we do tell H and D's story.  We tell it with much consideration and concern -but yes we do tell it.  We also encourage others too (with permission of course).  

So, as custodians, we can only do the best we can.. and sure, we will make an occasional bad decision-like the rest of our parenting -giggle-but hopefully on the grand scale our kids will "turn out all right"...  :-).

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