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Thursday, October 23, 2008

48 hours in Addis

I just read this article from Reuters and thought I'd write my own- Here's what I suggest you do with just 48 hours in Addis.

If I had the chance here's how I'd spend it- (excuse the spelling errors)

10pm you arrive off the flight- you should go to the Milkhouse and see the city at night.

the next morning- get up eat breakfast -be sure to have a macchiato0 and early in the am go to a church- Bole MarieKadet (sp) would be a great one as it's the largest (although you should ask the receptionist at your hotel if it's a saints day of the month- I suggest you go to a church with the saints name instead)- After you walk around the church if it's lunch time- head to Ishi-Bunne's in that area- otherwise-go to AhMist Kilo- get a fruit drink at a fruit drink store and then visit the national museum - walk across the street if you haven't had lunch yet-eat at the Pizza restaurant across the street- or go to Lucy's and have a traditional meal (or Blue top but you'll find mostly other foreigners there) .

After the museum and or lunch- head to your hotel and take a rest it'll be hot and the middle of the afternoon. Be prepared for a long evening. If you are adventurous-and not with children- head to Aramedia's or another local Chat house (ask around on Bole-lot's of people speak english there).

Head out to the Cultural House around 7pm to see Dancing and have some traditional food -and enjoy trying the local beverage of honey wine. Then head to Cashances around 11:30-and watch some traditional music played at any of the local houses- you will have to stick your head in a few to see which you like-laugh. Have a st. George's beer in Cashanches.

Go back to your hotel for the evening and you've just finished your first day in Addis.

Day 2 -

Get up, eat breakfast at your hotel and head to Entoto first thing in the morning- see a beautiful view of the city and enjoy a quick tour of the church's museum. Don't forget to visit the houses in the back where the King once lived.
Have a snack and a coffee at one of the local coffee shops at the bottom of the hill from Shiro Meda on your way from Entoto. If coffee's not your thing- Tea is also great- and Coca Cola or Miranda is very popular if there no electricity.

Then go to ShiroMeda for a couple of hours and do a little bit of local shopping.

Later in the day-head to the Melenik Museum in Sidist Kilo and enjoy walking through the famous gate of Addis Ababa University enterance. If another museum is not your thing- then Head from Sidist Kilo to your hotel to drop off the items you bought while shopping or head to the Mercato and continue shopping.

Your day is almost over - now take a taxi to Top of the Hill and have dinner there.
If you have additional time- people watch from Kaldi's cafe at Friendship on Bole. It's not far from the airport and its a hub for activity. Have an ice cream and enjoy the view (noise) for a bit.

If you have additional days- pop upstairs to StoneAge tours and see my friend Mekonnen. He'd be happy to help you arrange a day trip (or more) out of the city.

other options-
Take a mini-bus to Amist Kilo and eat at the restaurant next to the photo shop that serves a great fried fish or take a contract taxi to Romaini's -their food is great.

If you would rather-Go to Piazza and have a long cup of coffee at the top of the building on the corner across the street from the electric company and Ethiopian Airlines office. Go in and confirm your flight with the ethiopian airlines office (if it's the next day). If you want to buy jewlery- the Piazza is the right place. Pick a store-there are many-but shop around and bring somebody local with you.

If you've enjoyed shopping -head to the Mercatto. If it's not your thing- people watch.

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