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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Would you like to Volunteer as a Teacher in Ethiopia?

Getting ready to play soccer (football). It's the female teachers against the 8th graders.
Yes, that's me-but don't get any ideas- I had no idea what I was doing out there.

Teachers- and the upper school line up.

I heard from my "sister" Eldana in Ethiopia. The school her family owns just opened up the first floor of the school they are building and have an additional 21 students in 9th grade. They are so excited but overwhelmed.

They just received the results from the 8th graders national exam and almost all of the students passed in the 80-90 percentile. The lowest grade received by any taking the exam was a 69!!! I'm so proud of them and the students after reading that email I had to share it with all that would read. Go LemLem- they work so very very hard and it really shows!!

Hayel is proud to say that we have received sponsorship for one more student- prior to the paperwork being completed.. I can't wait to be able to watch our company grow! One more kid will stay in school- thank you thank you thank you. It's so exciting to be a part of something that really means change and a future to another child.

If you know anyone that would like to volunteer at a school in Ethiopia and teach- for a month or so- they need volunteers -currently it's difficult to keep teachers for what the school can afford to pay. The family is wonderful - the school is energized and I can put you in touch with Eldana and her mom. As a volunteer you pay for your trip and when you get to the school they board you and feed you in exchange for your work-they'd also get you at the airport I'm sure of it. You would need spending money. I can also put you in touch with somebody to help you travel if you'd like to do that as well at the end of your trip. Just email me at if you are interested.

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