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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We are officially number 2 in line . How exciting!

Our agency sends out this weekly email-I call it the "no news newsletter". When we first started this process- I use to live and breathe by the updates-they completely distracted my day.

So now when I check my inbox-on Tuesday mornings- It glares at me tempting me to open it.
I resist- I check all of my other email and then I try to start my day. It yells at me. I go get coffee, close my email... open it.. close it.. and FINALLY... I sigh- and think oh damn and open the useless thing.

Then I scroll down to the section that indicates the next dates for people in line for their referrals . This date hasn't changed since the 2nd week of April for people looking for siblings under 4- and there our date is!!!!

We are officially number 2 in line . How exciting!

The family that just received their referral- waited 21 months for their referral- the family behind them waited 16 months. We are reaching toward 17 months now. I'm hoping that we receive our referral when the back log of waiting famililies has completed most of their travel. It would be nice to have a shorter travel wait-giggle. It looks like families are currently going to wait about 6 months for their court dates (that's MARCH(ish)).. oh man oh man- not including christmas court closure challenges.

I'd be excited to learn what the sibling requirements are for theApril 24 family!! Does anyone know?


kristine said...

Wow!!! I am so very very happy for you! One day you will wake up seemingly in the same place and by the end of that very day you will have your own referral. I hope that day is very close!

Evelyn said...

I am hoping that the families in front of us won't have to wait until March! I have a feeling things will speed up and that they will do travel every week like last year to catch up. I don't know who the family in front of you is, I'm dying to know, too!

Hoping for quick referrals, but not so quick you have to wait 6 months to travel :)

Janis said...

It is getting closer and before you know it... All good things are worth waiting for. I know how frustrating it must be but the patience you are learning from it will benefit the lucky sweet children that will soon be your family.

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