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This blog started out as a way to record the twists, turns, highs and lows in my families journey to adopt siblings from Ethiopia. Now our children are home and we have just finished celebrating our first year as a family.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

13 months as a family

Holy cow... 13 months.- Phewww!  If you told me 13 months ago that I'd be happy being home- not working yet;  that I'd be afraid of the dynamics of flying with my children; that I'd be going to Vermont for a family vacation (domestic are you kidding???).. I'd have laughed at you.  If you told me the kids would be the happy and complete focus of my life- I'd believe you-but I'd have had no idea what that really meant.  

The past 13 months-talk about a Roller Coaster Ride!!!  Mostly I think, I wonder how this all happened...How in the world did we become parents to our wonderful and beautiful children???   Their voices in the morning make my heart's get up time..(Habtamu) or Mummmeee- "Wake up" (Debritu).. and of course my eyes still burn because it's so darn early.  My brother in-law was visiting and said to us "I don't know how you function on such a little amount of sleep".  Dad and I were both surprised by this comment- we thought we slept a lot- ..laugh.guess that could explain the "mood swings".

How did we get children that really are the perfect fit for our family???? How does this all work itself out-really??? 

We still remember what it was like before our children joined our family but don't desire to go "back" there anymore.  I don't cry about what we did "to" our lives nope.. I've moved on- I  cry because I'm at my limit.. and need a break-but ya know that limit keeps changing- keeps growing. Talk about a job that tests ya!.   

Things that use to matter to Den and I- don't anymore. The children have offered us so much perspective- so many changes.  Children have changed me as much as all my travelling combined and then some-but you won't hear me saying "why didn't we do this sooner", ha ha.   All of the changes are different- on a different level than the changes and excitement of becoming more "open or closed minded" through your travels.  The changes motherhood create in somebody I'm convinced are not  easily imagined by that waiting parent. 

But who I was with out our children- even it they magically "went away"- I'd never be that woman again- nor would I like to be. They are remarkable little people that change constantly and are so forgiving.  Why can't we stay that way as adults.. Why do we judge when our children teach us to forgive??  
13 months ago today we walked -exhausted and confused but delighted through the threshold of our home; I'm still exhausted, still delighted when I look, listen or watch our children and man I'm still  oh so very confused-but somewhere in all of this we've all changed.  Habtamu, Debritu, Denis and I- We've become a family with bonds.. bonds that I can't imagine being with out.  Bonds that make each day-and adventure.


Janis said...

I have watched all the changes and love seeing what a wonderful family you have become!

kristine said...

Really and truly lovely to read. Thank you so much! And for your day in photos. And for the post about the socks!

We're UU also. So nice to see other Ethiopian American UU families!

Jennifer said...

Great posts. I keep thinking I should have done this sooner, but you remind me of all I would have given up. Now.. might be the perfect time. :-) no looking back. ;-)

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