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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bye Bye my love...

How do you say Goodbye to your "best friend"? The object that comforts you at night and during your mid-day nap?  Debritu's teeth are all in and it looks like she's starting the first stages of an overbite-so I have to be the tough guy and take her binkie away.  Why is it that the mom's always seem to have to make the tough decisions ...hmmmm?

The poor girl is in for a tough couple of days-and I'm guessing we are too-but somehow no matter how hard something is- I'm continuously empathizing with the children.  This is her loss - and it's a big one...

For us, it's just a few more hours with out sleep.   I have to wonder.. do we actually sleep anymore anyway?

1) Debritu says bye bye to her binkies
Here's my baby getting ready to be a Preschooler

and the trash truck come to take her binkies away
She's waving to the trash truck- while crying.. and saying bye bye binkies..bye binkies..goooooo...



dcalderone said...

Daddy unit here with an update...

Well, I was able to get her to sleep. At first she was anxious to go to bed gloating about being a big girl who didn't need her bink anymore. We laid down, read the Elmo book for the 50th time, she then took over the Elmo book to flip through the pages which is her routine, and everything was going swimmingly.

Finally, just as I was finishing Habtamu's story, I hear that little voice: "Daaddddyyy". I ignore this at first and it stops. When I finish with Habtamu, I go to her bed and she has the binky that is attached to her baby doll in her mouth and a look that says "this just isn't cutting it dad". I praise her for the ingenuity, and take it away. She pouts and gives me the big eyes and basically tells me that she's rethought her position on the matter and decided that she has lost her interest in being a "big girl".

After some deliberation and about 15 solid minutes of back rubbing and a near miss with a thumb, she fell into a peaceful sleep. That was about 45 minutes ago, so all looks good so far.

Wish us luck :)

kristine said...

Good Luck! Good you do it at this age. It only gets harder as they get older. We waited till he was 3 1/2. It was a little lamb and he sucked on the ears. It was becoming a choking hazard. We were all heartsick. We told him we knew it would be hard and we would stay up as long as he did. He of course fell asleep eventually and a couple of days later he was over it but I remember it as one of my worst nights.

I wasn't ready for him to be over it.

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