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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Annual reports, adoption and our lucky children...

Our annual reports are due. This got Hubby and I thinking and talking-  As adoptive families from Ethiopia-we are so lucky to have to write annual reports on our children-what a great record of their childhood these children will have.
As many of you know-the questions are structured so year after year-our children will have answers like- - "how have you changed",  what was your school performance, and how was your health". Along with quick summaries to the events of their lives for that year.

Hubby and I were talking about how neat it would be- now that we are older- to have these to look back on.  To learn that we had RSV, or preferred to play alone than with others. To learn that we wore special shoes to learn to walk, or that we threw temper tantrums.  Wouldn't it be great to know that your grandmother died at age 4 and that you spent time with her-perhaps learning how her death affected your life.

Sure many of us journal here and there -but to have a year of your life consistently recorded in under 2 pages every year.

Since I often think about what was taken away from my children by the loss of their culture, never knowing what your biological mom and dad looked like or what their first year or so of life was like- I am thrilled to be able to offer them an account of their life with us.  Although it can never make up for their initial loss it will provide a history and some answers- answers to questions-that other kids-bio kids - are unlikely to have.

So - 3 Cheers to having to write this report.  Now, to hope and pray that their extended family gets to read it.


Jennifer said...

Hmm Never thought of it. So true. That is neat. I guess you save a copy with the photos and all for them so they will have one of ever year.

dcalderone said...

Excellent points :)

This also makes me think that those notes people have started including along with or in replace of the traditional christmas card are really brilliant. You know, the letters about the past year and how the family has grown and experiences the family had during the year. I have a new found respect for the value such letters bring.

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