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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Education First is looking for host families

Education First- is looking for some host families in the Worcester Area. The kids are coming July 7th-August 2nd.  

They are gone from your home work hours-spending evenings and the first two weekends with you. If you are interested or can provide some meals and a bed- email or call her at 617.233.7467

There are about 8 teens (including 2 teachers 24+) looking for a place to stay.  There are planned drop up and pick up locations near the suburbs (ie: northboro, etc).. so if you think you can do it- or can spilt the time with another family.. give her a call. 

If they don't find "rooms" the kids have to stay home. 

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Jennifer said...

I love traveling. If you ever get the vagabond spirit to bring your kiddos to Charleston (minus the dog), let me know. ;-)

The funny thing is that there is a similar program here, and I asked to host a teen from Spain, and they actually don't have enough kids coming for everyone who wants one. I think though they bring maybe l0 kids here in the summer. The woman said next summer she would definitely remember me, and I thought next summer.. I hope to be adjusting to my own kids. :-) .. but I didn't say that. ha ha

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